Winnie the Pooh and Friends Watercolor

If you follow me on Instagram (@thecraftingbar) you know I’ve been working on this watercolor of baby Winnie the Pooh and Friends.  I love Pooh Bear, he’s a timeless character!

To complete this project, I used the following supplies:

  • Cricut Explore
  • Cricut pen in Midnight
  • Pigma Graphic (1) and Pigma Micron (0.3)
  • Steadtler Mars Pencil (4H)
  • Arches coldpress paper (9×12)
  • Mijello  Mission Gold 36 Watercolor set
  • Finetec Watercolor – set of  12
  • Watercolor brushes – brush sized (0,1, 2, and 6)

I used Cricut’s Design Space to draw out the images.  Cricut has 2 Winnie the Pooh Cartridge.  The images for this project are from the Disney Pooh Font set.  I particularly like this set because the characters in here are the ‘baby’ versions.  The only exception was Roo – Roo came from the Disney Pooh and Friends set.  After selecting the images I wanted, I used the write feature on the Explore with the Cricut pen in Midnight.  Then let my Cricut do all the work!  I used a 9×12 cold press watercolor by Arches.

Once my Cricut finished outlining the characters, I went over and re-outlined everything with my Pigma pens.  This is a pretty time consuming step but I think  it’s  well worth it until I can  find  a better way to outline with the Cricut.  Cricut’s pen holder is made to specifically fit their pens.  (I do have the American Craft Slick Writers pens as well that fit perfectly in the holder, but the tips aren’t as thin as the Cricut pen so I decided against using them.)  The  Pigma pens work great for  filling in the outlines.  These pens are waterproof and fade proof! BEWARE–the Cricut pens are not waterproof.  If you want to do watercoloring, I highly suggest going over your lines with waterproof ink otherwise everything will just smear.  Also, when going over the lines, make sure you outline as close as possible to the original lines made from the  Cricut pen–otherwise those lines will smear during watercoloring too.

Pooh Sketch

After everything was filled in, I lightly sketched some hills in the background with my Steadtler Mars pencil.  Then I was finally ready to watercolor!  I use different size brushes to color in the characters-mainly a size 2 watercolor brush and for finer details a 1 and 0 brush. For my watercolors, I used my trusty Mijello Mission Gold 36 color set.  I mixed quite a few colors together to get the shade I wanted.  I  usually start off with a light color and begin to build the color intensity as the paint dries.

When I watercolor, or do any projects, I always take my time.  It’s important not to rush or be impatient.  If I don’t want to wait for paints to dry, I’ll use a little heat to speed up  the process.  All together, just coloring in Pooh and Friends took my 3 hours! Yes, 3 hours…partly because I’m slow at painting and I’m giving this as a gift, so I wanted to make sure it’ll turn out nicely.


Once everything dried, I move on to filling the background.  When coloring  in the background, I used a size 6 brush.  First I wet the entire bottom half of the paper with water  before adding in the paints.  Again, I used my Mission Gold paints and the colors: Greenish Yellow, Yellow Green, Sap Green, hooker’s Grreen, and Van Dyke Green.  There wasn’t really any kind of method I used for this – I used darker colors in the back and lighter ones as we got closer to the foreground.  I also added darker colors around each character to create their shadows.  After everything dried, I just went back in and added some streaks of green for the grass.

For the sky, I wet the entire top half before adding in the colors.  (I also want to note that I usually tape down my watercolor so it doesn’t warp, but I decided not to do it this time since I wanted to color the entire paper.  If you don’t want to tape  down your paper, it will warp during this process-personally, I didn’t mind it too much in this case).  First, I used some Lemon Yellow and lightly brushed it across the top to give the appearance of sunlight coming through.  Next, I mixed some Cobalt Blue and  Cerulean Blue  together and lightly dabbed it across the top until it had the look of clouds that I was going for.  The great thing about watercolors is that it’s pretty forgiving.  If you happen to add too much of a color, you can take a tissue and lightly dab off some of the excess color.  Lastly,  I went on to add some shadows in the clouds by mixing a touch of Permanent Red with Cobalt Blue and Cerulean Blue.  This  gives a soft dark blue, almost indigo color that really brings depth to the clouds.


For final details I added a flight path on the bumblebee with a Pigma Micron pen.  I also took my Finetec Pearl Colors Watercolors in Blue Silver to darken the edges of the cloud and the color Blue-Green to highlight the grass.  This step is completely optional, it just adds a touch of metallic to the painting.  Now all that is left to do is place the picture in a fame!  And just like that you have a watercolored picture of Pooh and Friends!



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