Throwback Thursday – Past Projects

Today’s post is going to be a bit lengthy.  Since my blog is still pretty new, I thought I would do a throwback to some of the things I’ve made over the years- from when I first began to more recent projects.  I’ll try to list as much as I can about what I used.  However some of the projects are from a few years ago, so I may not remember exactly what I used, but will try my best to list what I used for each project.  I’ll start with showing some of my earlier works and ending with the recent ones. Enjoy Throwback Thursday!

Baby Diaper Cake

Diaper CAke

For this diaper cake, I held  each later of diapers together with blue wired ribbon. Then, rolled baby towels into “roses” and used plastic floral daisies to decorate around the “cake” and finally topped off the cake with a teddy bear.

Fashionista Centerpieces

Pink Box

This was probably one of the first things I made when I started crafting.  This was a centerpiece I made for a Fashionista themed birthday party.  I took a small box and wrapped it in hot pink tissue paper.  Tied some soft pink crepe paper streamer around the box and used some left over tissue paper to make the flower on top.  I ended  up cut the edges of the flowers so they could be pointed just to give the flower some interest.  I also had some leftover ribbon that I didn’t want to waste so I used that to hold the flower down onto the box.  Pretty simple, fast to make and turned out way better than I expected!


Chocolate Bar Envelope for Baby Show Party Favor

IMG_6801 IMG_6786

A few years ago, I was helping host a baby shower for my sister-in-law and made these party favors for the guests to take home!

For the envelope, I used a template that I had found online.  It’s been awhile so I’m sorry I don’t remember where I got the template, but  if I find it again, I’ll put a link.  II’m also sure that if you Google it, something will come up-that’s how I found the template.  I used my Cricut Explore to cut out the envelope template onto black cardstock.  For the front and back text, I made that in good ol’ Microsoft Word and printed it on white cardstock paper and then cut them out.  To add some color to the front of the envelope, I cut some rectangles onto blue pattern paper and taped it down.  The longest part was probably cutting everything out, but it was worth it with how nicely they turned out!

Acrylic Painting and Mixed Media

Acrylic Paintings

I’ve always loved painting with acrylic.  A couple years ago, I decided to try my hand at acrylic painting.  I am very beginner when it comes to painting and my skills are not strong.  These are my attempts at acrylic painting on canvas–obviously in need of improvement, but not bad for my first  time, right??  I can NOT draw for the life of me, but I’ve gotten pretty okay at painting trees! LOL…The top row were my first attempts at painting with acrylics.  Since I was just starting out, I didn’t buy any fancy paints or canvases.  I think the acrylic paints and canvas I used were the Artist’s Loft brand that I picked up at my local Michael’s Craft Store.

The three bottom canvas are a combination of using acrylic gel medium, mod podge, and acrylic painting.  I printed the images of Chopin, Mozaart, and Beethoven on plain white printer paper on a laser jet printer.  It’s  important to use a laser printer in order for this technique to work properly.  After the image was printed (which should be printed as a mirrored image), I and adhered it to the canvas using mod podge.   Once the mod podge was dried, I used water to wet the canvas and rub off the paper.  What’s left is going to be your printed image.  This technique is all over Pinterest and if you’re interested in learning how to do this, it should be pretty easy to find.

For the lettering of the names, I used acrylic gel medium.  Let that dry and painted over them with some metallic paints.  On each canvas, I included some music notes from some of their most famous pieces – I adhered those to the canvas with Mod Podge.   The Mozart canvas was the first that I made and finished and never got around to finishing Chopin and Beethoven…but hopefully one day they’ll be finished so I can have a set to display!

Some may be wondering why I chose these three composers –  I started playing the piano when I was 7 years old.  I am classically trained and took lessons up until I graduated high school.  Chopin, Beethoven, and Mozart are probably my 3 favorite composers in the classical music realm, so this is my little tribute to them.

And I haven’t been able to finish the Chopin and Beethoven ones because since moving to Colorado, I am extremely limited on space so I couldn’t bring all my things that I wanted,  including my acrylic paints.  A lot of my stuff is still back in Minnesota at my parent’s home, sitting and collecting dust until I can come retrieve them!

Sprucing up a Gift Bag

Brown Gift Bag

My mom asked me to spruce up this gift bag she was planning to use for a baby shower gift.  I wasn’t really sure what to do, so I ended up using a Winnie the Pooh paper pad that I had on hand.  Rounded off the corners and added a little quote.  Topped it off with a pinwheel that I made with my Cricut Explore. Pretty simple and sure beats a plain brown gift bag!

House Warming Gift

Ly Family

This house warming gift was made with a small canvas (I think 4×6, but I don’t remember for sure), cardstock, Mod Podge, and some black and blue vinyl.  First I applied Mod Podge all over the canvas, then wrapped the cardstock around the canvas and put more Mod Podge on top of the cardstock.  While letting the canvas dry, I used my cricut to cut out the branch, birds and names.  It’s not pictured, but I also had a tiny easel that I got from the craft store to go along with the gift so the recipient can display it in their home.

Just Keep Running

Just Keep RunningIMG_6767

In 2014, my brother was running in the  Twin Cities  Marathon and two of my nieces  were going to attend to cheer him on.   We wanted to give them something to hold while cheering on  the runners as they passed by.  What better way to cheer on marathon runners than with Nemo and friends?! This sign was made with my Cricut Explore and the Disney Best of Pixar cartridge.  Nemo and friends were glued onto a regular poster board and that pretty much completed  the sign.  Overall, the brother finished the race and the nieces were happy –can’t beat that!

Office and Home Décor

OFfice Decor - Wall

Plain white walls can get boring.  I was fortunate enough to have my own office where I can hang things up on the walls.  I was looking to put something up that could easily be removed and wanted to avoid putting holes in the wall with nails.   I decided to use some of my cardstock paper as office decor.  Using my Cricut, I cut out 8×8 squares from black cardstock and from the Recollections Rustic Luxe Chrismast Paper Pad.  Even though the patterned cardstock came from a Christmas theme paper pad, they didn’t have anything too Christmasy and I really liked the gold foiled accents on the paper.  I’m always on the side that my workspace should be a place where creativity thrives and anything is possible so I cut out the lettering of ‘Believe’, ‘Inspire’, and ‘Create’ on gold vinyl with my cricut.  Finally, I just used to office tape to hang these babies up.

Office Decor

I also put up a mini photo gallery by my desk.

Home Gallery

Lastly, for decor, this is my little wall gallery in my home.  Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken is one of my absolute favorite poems–thus why you might have noticed I have the same  photo hanging in my office and at home.  My favorite pictures in this gallery are the two bottom ones.  They are drawings of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  No matter where I may live, the Twin Cities  is always going to be home.  I got these from Etsy by Albie Designs.  There are many drawings, maps, and sketches of Minneapolis/St. Paul on Etsy, but I particularly like thesee because the designer had beautifully captured the essence of the city’s landmarks. What would Minneapolis be without the Stone Arch Bridge?!  She has many other cities at her Etsy store, so be sure to check if your city is one of them!


Paper Lanterns  by Lia Griffith


These paper lanterns are from Lia Griffith.  You can find the template to this design here.   To complete this design, you will need the Cricut Explore.  The plain white lantern was cut on 8.5×11 cardstock while the other three were cut with a 12×12 sheet of cardstock.  You can see that the 12×12 lanterns are slightly larger than the 8.5×11 but the difference is pretty slight.

Christmas Sack from Santa

Christmas Sack

This past Christmas, I decided to make a Christmas Sack from Santa for my little niece and nephew.  For the bag, I used a large cotton linen laundry bag.  The lettering and images  were all from the Cricut Design Space.  The only exception was  the “North Pole Post Office” lettering.  For that part, I used a free printable from Brooklyn Limestone.  Everything was cut with my Cricut Explore and I used Cricut’s Iron-On Vinyl.  This was the best idea ever–so worth it to see their little faces Christmas morning looking at this bag delivered  to them from Santa!


If you made it to the end of this post, kudos to you!  I hope you enjoyed looking and reading through some of my past craft projects.  Comment below if you have any questions or want to know more about a project!

Thanks and Happy Crafting!



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