March 2016 – Writing Tools

Welcome to the first First Friday Favorites post! I’ve decided that on the first Friday of each month, I’ll showcase my favorite things ranging  from stationary items, books, writing tools, paints, to makeup items.  For March, I’ll be sharing all my favorite writing tools and notebooks!

Just also want to note that this post was not sponsored and all opinions in this post are my own.  These are all products that I’ve used for years and truly enjoy using them.

I love writing everything by hand, especially when you have a great pen to write with!.  There’s just something special about a handwritten note or letter.   You can find all of the items in this post from JetPens.  I like JetPens because they always have a great variety of pen and notebook options and super fast shipping!


IMG_6788 Pens

First up are the Uni-balll Singo UM-151 Gel Pens in 0.38mm.  These are my absolute favorite go-to pens that I use every day for writing.  This is a pretty solid pen with great ink flow.  The ink don’t bleed through the paper and the fine tip makes for crisp lettering.  They also come in many different colors; I use black, blue, and blue-black most often.  I have to confess, I am a bit of a pen snob. I rarely let other people use or borrow these pens because I have this perception that they won’t be returned to me.  What I do is carry around a few Round Stic pens by Bic so that if people ask to borrow a pen, I can give them one of those pens instead of my Uni-ball ones.

Sharpie Pens

If I’m not using my Uni-ball pens, I am using these babies – Sharpie Pen with the fine tip.  Like the Uni-ball Singo, I find that these do not bleed through paper.  I do not use them very often for writing and usually reserve these for drawing or outlining


Up next are the Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner Pens.  These are pretty new to me; I have only been using them since December and am not quite sure how I like them.  I have used the Staedtler Triplus in the past and I really liked those.  I don’t use these for writing and have only been using them for coloring which they work fairly well.  Personally, I like the feel of the Staedtler Triplus better than Stabilo pens, but overall these are pretty comparable to the Staedtler pens.



Since I graduated from college, I haven’t been using pencils as often.  I almost exclusively use pens now.  However, I still have a stash of pencils on hand when I need them.  My choice of pencil is the Staedtler Mars Drafting Pencil (0.3mm).  You can find them at Dick Blick Art Materials.


Notebook Covers IMG_6774

I use these Kyokuto’s F.O.B COOP W Ring Notebooks every day and I love them!  I use these notebooks at work to keep track of projects I’m working on, notes, deadlines, and things to do.  In college, I spent a summer doing research in a Biochemistry lab and we had to keep a lab journal of what experiments we were conducting, the procedures and at the end of the day write where we ended so we can pick up where we left off the next day. Doing  that every day for a summer  has just become a habit that I’ve carried with me into my professional life.

So back to the notebooks- what I like best about these notebooks are that the pages are white and blank.  I no longer like notebooks that have lines because I always feel like I have to stay within the lines.  I don’t know why, it’s just something weird about me.  With the blank pages, I feel I have more freedom to draw other shapes without having lines intersect -it just makes the pages look cleaner to me.  Another reason why I like using this notebook is that it’s spiral bound.  Unfortunately the pages are not perforated so if you like  to rip out the pages and have a clean edge, this may not be for you.  I don’t have a need to  rip out the pages so the spiral works for  me.  Also, since I don’t rip out pages, writing what I do everyday helps me keep track of all the work and projects I have contributed to over the years-comes in handy when you have to do end of year evaluations.

In the past I have also used Moleskine Extra Large Soft Cover Notebooks.  Moleskine notebooks are thread bound and the last 16 or so pages are perforated.  I used the notebooks that had blank pages and in these notebooks, the pages are cream-colored.  I didn’t mind the cream color, I would have just preferred white instead.  I still use these notebooks for personal use at home, but I wanted something with a spiral bound.

Well there you have it, my favorite writing tools and notebooks! Be sure to check back in April for the next First Friday Favorites.

Happy Crafting!

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