Hello and welcome to The Crafting Bar!  I’m Emily and this is my blog that I’ve created as a place to share creative projects and ideas.

I am a paper, craft, DIY, and makeup enthusiast.  Growing up, I’ve always admired being able to create beautiful things out of everyday materials and repurposing ordinary trinkets into treasures.  After graduating college in December 2011, I found myself jobless for the next nine months until Graduate School started and was hungry to continue learning.

With so much time on my hands, I decided to focus my energy on the things I was not able to do while in college: reading more books, catching up on all my favorite TV shows (Grey’s Anatomy!), and of course, crafting. So in January 2012, I started off doing small projects with my first being a Sesame Street themed birthday for my niece who was turning 2.  I was pretty much hooked on to crafting after that! I started out paper crafting with my Cricut, which I still love and use.  However, my latest crafting obsessions has been a combination of stamping, watercoloring and hand lettering.

Aside from creating my own crafts, I am constantly looking to elevate my creative game by learning new techniques, exploring and trying new things, and learning from other crafters who inspire me.  The best way to describe my artistic style would be: minimalist with a flair of whimsicalness – it’s a mouthful, I know.  I am drawn to simple designs with clean lines and the occasional pops of colors.

With my craft, I hope to invoke inspiration and projects that are functional and beautiful to the everyday user.  I draw my inspiration from places I’ve lived and the experiences of life.  I was born and raised in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. I LOVE Minnesota- the vibrant array of cultures, the lakes, the cities, basically everything!  But in 2014, I traded life in the Midwest for the mountain life in a small mountain town in Colorado.  The rural mountain life opened my mind to learning how to live a more minimal and simple life and to tune out the constant noises of the city life.  All great things come to an end, though.  After just two years in Colorado, my job offered me another position that would take me across country to the charming South and since October 2016, I have made Atlanta home.

Although I work full-time at a non-crafting job, I hope to grow The Crafting Bar.  I am so glad that you stopped by today!  Take a moment to look around and find something that inspires you.  Subscribe, follow me on Instagram, comment, or send me an email if you have any questions!

Happy Crafting!